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Hello my dear views,
Very warm welcome to you all in my blog. I couldn't stay without giving thanks to every views and supporter of this site. I wouldn't have survive today without your support and valuable suggestions. Thank you all once again.
When I started this blog I had no idea what to write on contain. As a photographer and 3d animator; I have plenty of things to share together so I simply started writing few lines. I didn't know I would ever get such respectful response form you views. Therefore I decided to write more about my experience in photography, 3d animation and graphic. Instead of putting every thing together in one site I decided to create individual sites on both topics about learning photography and 3d graphics.Here are the links below. Please do visit.
www.digitalbranch.blogspot.com (About photography)
www.3dbattle.blogspot.com (About 3d and graphic)
Hope content on these sites are useful for you. It can be made better and more improved with help of you and your suggestions. So please don't hesitate to drop some lines so that I can improve myself. Thank you.
Saroj Baniya